Ocean & Earth

O&E Mens Indo Stiff Peak Surf Hat

- Stiff front brim to keep clear vision also flips up for paddling. 
- Padded neoprene inner head band for comfort, 
- Safety loop - attach to wetsuit zipper webbing for added security, 
- Padded neoprene straps for comfort, 
- Adjustable quick release chin strap, 
- Stash pocket inside top of hat, 
- Rear mesh vents release water after duck dives and wipe-outs, 
- Velcro head adjustment, 
- Protective mesh over ear section, 
- Removable "Legionnaire flap" neck protection, 
- Technical surf hat, 
- Lightweight, quick-dry material, 
- Invaluable protection from harmful sun exposure, 
- Minimizes annoying glare

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