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FORGET ME NOT rounded pin tail is designed for those days we all dream about.  In the last couple of seasons it has excelled at the heavier and better quality locations on the WCT, beginning with a great run at the end of 2014 in Hawaii when Dusty ­won Haleiwa and came 2nd at Sunset, while Julian Wilson managed to achieve the dream combo by taking out both the Pipe Masters and the Hawaiian Triple Crown.

In 2015, Margaret River was the first real test for the top 34, and whether it was solid tubes at The Box or massive walls at Main Break, the FMN was a clear favourite for all of the team's quivers. Owen's perfect 10 on his backhand at The Box still rates as one of the waves of the year, and the lines drawn by Julian Wilson on the massive Margarets walls allowed him to produce one of the highest heat totals of the entire event.

Then there was Fiji, and Owen's now-infamous performance at Cloudbreak that ended with two perfect 20 heats, the event win, and one of the most memorable highlight reels of the dream tour's recent history! With Julian also proving to be a major standout by matching up alongside the Big O in the final, it was a damn good event for the Traktors. In the second half of the South Pacific leg Jeremy Flores used his quiver of Forget Me Not's to dominate at Teahupo'o and take the second CT victory of his career. What makes this even more impressive is that he was still on the comeback from a serious head injury, and had to wear a Gath helmet the entire time!

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