JS Blackbox2

JS Blackbox2

Brand : JS Industries
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BLACK BOX 2 is a no nonsense board built for surfers who want something they can rely on in small surf and when the waves are good.

The black box 2 is your summer board and performance board all wrapped in one. It creates speed when the waves are small through the fullish outline and low entry and exit rockers and has the ability to handle when the swells up due to its subtle single concave under the front foot and slight double concave under your back foot combine these design features with your standard performance hip squash tail and it’s the EVERY DAY ALL- ROUNDER.

BLACK BOX 2 now comes standard with a 5 fin set-up and has expanded its range of wave types without compromising performance in the small stuff. I prefer to ride the BLACK BOX 2 as a quad when it’s clean and barreling and as a thruster every other day. BLACK BOX 2 is still our best selling board!

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